Perrault syndrome is the loss of hearing in both males and females. The disease is classified as sensorineural deafness. It is a rare disease and an autosomal recessive genetic disease.

There are few variations of Perrault syndrome:

Perrault syndrome-1 (PRLTS1): originated by compound heterozygous mutation in the HSD17B4 gene on chromosome 5q23. (Ref: PERRAULT SYNDROME 1)

Perrault syndrome-2 (PRLTS2): caused by mutation in the HARS2 gene on chromosome 5q31. (Ref: PERRAULT SYNDROME 2)

Perrault syndrome-3(PRLTS3): caused by mutation in the CLPP gene on chromosome 19p13. (Ref: PERRAULT SYNDROME 3)

Perrault syndrome-4(PRLTS4): caused by mutation in the LARS2 gene on chromosome 3p21. (Ref: PERRAULT SYNDROME 4)

Perrault syndrome-5(PRLTS5): caused by mutation in the TWNK gene on chromosome 10q24. (Ref: PERRAULT SYNDROME 5)

Perrault syndrome-6(PRLTS6): caused by mutation in the ERAL1 gene on chromosome 17q11. (Ref: PERRAULT SYNDROME 6)

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