Month February 2021

Coffee & Blood Pressure

GWAS study in 2012 reported that senile a variant associated with blood pressure and coffee intake daily. So, the senile was located at a gene called CYP1A2. Here is my simple diagram. Below diagram shows, caffeine metabolism with genes in… Continue Reading →

Glossary Of Genomic & Precision Medicine

Autosomal Dominant: A child or a person can inherited when one parent has a mutation in one gene. 50% Risk of passing to next generation. It is not related to sex. Autosomal Recessive: A child or a person can inherited… Continue Reading →

Perrault Syndrome

Perrault syndrome is the loss of hearing in both males and females. The disease is classified as sensorineural deafness. It is a rare disease and an autosomal recessive genetic disease. There are few variations of Perrault syndrome: Perrault syndrome-1 (PRLTS1):… Continue Reading →

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